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The average Australian spends around $2500 on energy bills every year. These costs can skyrocket when you are looking to extend, renovate or build your new home if sustainable practices are not employed.

That’s where we come in. Dracon Construction is an eco-conscious builder with experience in constructing brand new homes, extensions and renovations that have a minimum seven-star NatHERS energy rating.

Through our range of designs and materials, we give you the chance to obtain the lifestyle you want through energy efficiencies that will save you money long-term and add current and future value to your property. Best of all, you’ll benefit the environment in the process.

Although we are very passionate about energy efficiency and will always encourage our clients to look at the options, we are not limited to solely construct energy efficient buildings , we are willing to take on projects of standard energy ratings and have delivered many projects of this nature in the past. 


Building the difference

Built with strong values at our core


Our company motto is Building the difference, as our unique offering lies in the energy-efficient methods we use to construct new homes and extensions – without sacrificing on quality.

There are many simple inclusions that we can make during the construction phase that will save you money on your energy bills now and well into the future. For example, heating and cooling devices are huge energy vacuums, but with expertly installed high quality insulation, efficient windows and doors, innovative building materials and techniques and a well-designed blueprint, you can reduce these costs dramatically. 

In other cases, modern lighting and plumbing measures save enormous volumes of energy, cutting electricity and water bills, in turn helping you to move towards a sustainable future. We can help you get on this track to success through our expertise, refined processes and streamlined services.

Peace of mind for all customers

Hidden fees, budget blowouts, deadline extensions – we know how frustrating these issues in the building industry can be. Dracon Construction is all-inclusive provider with no financial surprises, including a custom design and drafting services for all new homes.

We will work with you through the entire process, delivering a final product that provides all the lifestyle and comfort you crave with the additional benefits of energy efficiency that will deliver savings well into the future.

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